About AMRO Forum 2023

Contributing to macroeconomic and financial resilience and stability in ASEAN+3

About AMRO

The ASEAN+3 Economic Cooperation and Financial Stability Forum (or AMRO Forum), inaugurated in December 2022, is an annual flagship event organized by AMRO in collaboration with the ASEAN+3 member authorities and other partner institutions. This year, with the Asian Development Bank Institute as the event co-host, we will invite policymakers, experts and academics to gather in Kanazawa, Japan, identify and discuss the key challenges that will impact economic growth and financial stability in ASEAN+3, as well as potential solutions to address them.

The theme of the 2nd AMRO Forum is “Safeguarding Growth and Stability in a Complex World: Challenges and Solutions”. Despite showing remarkable resilience over the past few years, the region’s path ahead will be shaped by how overlapping challenges are addressed. Tightening financial conditions, geopolitical tensions, severe climate change and aging population will continue to amplify economic uncertainty, creating a highly complex environment.

This year’s Forum will discuss the challenges to the region’s macro-financial stability and outlook, and present solutions and initiatives in fostering new areas of growth over two sessions, comprising keynote speeches and panel discussions.